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All of our dogs are AKC registered, DNA tested, and cleared of hip and elbow dysplasia and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). All our dogs are within breeding standards. 

Our Dogs: Inventory

Xena Mila Von Lordon Haus

Working Bloodline   Bi-Color  Female

Xena Mila is an exceptional first-generation American born with an impressive pedigree. She has a high-energy ball drive and is incredibly strong. Xena Mila is loyal, confident, intelligent, and always eager to please.


Aries Fury Von Romero Haus

Show Bloodline   Black & Tan  Male

Aries Fury Von Romero Haus is a large, handsome, and muscular dog with solid nerves. Aries is calm, loving, and fiercely loyal, making him a perfect home protection companion. Aries's high intelligence, immense confidence, and innate guarding instincts make his parentage perfect for breeding.

Aries image 1.jpeg

Andromeda Gaea Von Romero Haus

Show Bloodline  Black & Red  Female

Andromeda Gaea is a beautiful, loving, intelligent, and loyal dog. She is confident and focused on protecting her family and home. With innate guarding instincts, her parentage is perfect for breeding. Andromeda has a calm demeanor, but she is always assured of her ability to protect. She usually leads the pack when it comes to protecting our home.

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